Water Directory

After Hours Emergencies (989) 754-6536 (and follow the prompts)
Billing and Collections Phone Number (989) 754-6536
Billing and Collections
Business Hours are 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Water Billing and Payments:

Bills may be paid in person at the Township Office, 1160 S. Outer Dr. (Please Bring bill with you when paying). You can also pay your water bill online. Scroll down the home page to the Important Links for You, and then click on the middle tab that says Pay Your Water Bill.

Application for New Service:

New service connection permits are required for new water service. The fees are determined by the size of the service, the location of the main to the property and time and material required for the installation of the tap to the main. You can apply for a water permit by going to the top of the home page and printing off the water permit form and mailing it in or in person at 1160 S. Outer Drive.



Roy D. Hill
Email: rhill@bvct.org
David Brookins
Email: dbrookins@bvct.org
Water Billing Clerk
Charlotte Perkins
Collections Clerk
Caroline McBride
Collections Clerk
Joyce Brown
Email: jbrown@bvct.org

To find your water bill online please click on the link below:

Utility Bill Search

Meter Reading, Billing and Maintenance

* The Township personnel read water meters the first week of every month.
* Bills are mailed by the 30th of every month.
* Payment is due by the 15th of every month.

* Maintenance of meters is an ongoing situation. A letter may be attached to your     door with important information. If you have any questions regarding this notice,  please contact the Township at 989-754-6536.

* NON payment of PAST DUE amounts will result in termination of services.

Water Bulletins

I would like you to consider the location of your utility meters, water, gas and electric. All meter readings are read from outside remotely. The readings are taken and recorded by computers. I would propose that you examine the access to your meters and ask yourself these questions:

* Are the meters accessible?
* Are they visible?
* Are they in a fence or with an animal tethered close by?
* Are they blocked from access by stored items?
* Are they blocked by aggressive (thorny) plants or shrubs?

This is a reminder asking you to check your meters and if they are not readily accessible to the reader/computer, we ask that you clear an access for them. Some of the meters require contact by the reader versus the computer to get a reading. Also consider one other thing, if the meters are hard to get to in the summer, the problem is compounded in the winter.

Thank you for your cooperation in this matter and have a wonderful year.

Fix Your Leaks (It’s worth the investment)

Leaks are the main reason for unusually high water bills. A small drip will add up to thousands of gallons over a billing period. All the plumbing of a house is monitored by the water meter. A leaky hose bib, sink, or pipe in the crawl space will all register on the meter. Maintenance of valve seats, seals and gaskets will pay off in water savings. The most common plumbing problem leading to high water use is a leaky toilet tank. Build up on the seal, bad flapper valve, or improper float setting causing overflow can double and even triple a water bill. Being aware and repairing these problems quickly and correctly will help keep your water bill under control.

Leaks Cost Money

Every faucet, water heater, toilet, hose fitting or every leaking water softener costs YOU Money. Leaks don’t start and stop, they run all the time. DRIP, DRIP, DRIP, 24 HOURS A DAY, 7 DAYS A WEEK, until they are fixed. Worse yet, a steady stream of water as small as 1/16″ will add up quickly. Left running for one day, you have lost 822 gallons of water, just in that one day. Left leaking for one month you have lost 24,660 gallons of water. Left leaking for three months and it multiplies to 73,980 gallons of lost water. 

Size of Leak (Dia.)

Gallons lost

(per day)

Cost of Water (per day)
(3.30 per 1000 gal.)

Total dollar amount
(3 months)

¼ inch




3/16 inch




1/8 inch




1/16 inch




The Cold Weather Could Cost You! Freezing Weather is Here and It Means Just That: “Water Will Freeze”

Having your water lines freeze could cost more than just plumbing repairs. A frozen hose bib or busted pipe will lead a considerable amount or water and that water goes through your meter. The cost of an undetected leak can easily exceed any plumbing repair bill. To protect yourself from this extra expense, PROTECT YOUR PIPES. Make sure your crawl space is buttoned up tight and any hose bibs which are not frost proof are shut off and drained. These precautions can save you many dollars.