Please click on MMWA’s link at to receive the most up to date information regarding your Refuse and Recycling Pickup. This will insure the resident’s of Buena Vista Charter Township a guarantee of the latest information and important dates and events coming up.

For recycling it is a 2-Step process!
Take 2 steps and 2 bins. Use a separate bin for each category. Do not use boxes or plastic bags for recyclables.

Step 1 – All Paper and Items
Cardboard, Boxboard, and Paper


phone books
junk mail
copier paper
computer paper
writing/notebook paper
cereal and cookie boxes
dry food boxes
shoe and gift boxes
paper towel rolls
toilet paper rolls
boxes w/multiple layers
brown paper bags
No Way

No plastic grocery bags
No pizza boxes
No frozen food boxes
No laundry soap boxes
No food contamination
No metal Inserts

Place all paper items in a paper bag or use a separate bin
Cut covers off books
Flatten boxes and cut cardboard to 2′ x 3′

Step 2 – Commingled Items
Plastics, Glass and Metals


Plastics #1 and #2
individual beverage bottles
2-liter soda bottles
milk jugs
laundry detergent bottles
any #1 or #2 plastic container

clear, brown, and green
beverage glasses, plates
ceramic and cookware
window/door glass

aluminum cans and food cans
metal can lids and ends
foil food trays/pie plates
empty aerosol cans
clean paint cans
No Way


no plastic grocery bags
no motor oil bottles
no cooking oil bottles
no packing peanuts
no foam pieces

no light bulbs
no frosted glass
no blue or black glass
no mirrors

no large metal pieces

Plastics #1 and #2
empty and rinse
remove plastic lids/caps
paper labels okay

empty and rinse
try not to break glass
labels okay
recycle metal caps/lids

empty and rinse
remove plastic lids/caps
paper labels okay

Remember: When in doubt, throw it out! Contact your municipality to get a recycling bin.