Engine 1: 2001 KME 1500 GPM pumper, 1000 gallon tank, CAFS
Truck 2: Sutphe 85 ft. Aerial Tower
Engine 3: 1988 Quality 1250 GPM pumper, 1000 gallon tank
Truck 5: 1990 Chevrolet ½ ton pick-up
Rescue 7: 1995 Chevrolet one-ton with a rescue body
Utility 1: 2005 Chevrolet, one-ton multi-purpose vehicle.
Chief’s Car: 2001 Chevrolet Impala
Deputy Chief’s Car: 2000 Ford Crown Victoria
The Buena Vista Charter Township Fire Department is housed in the Public Safety building located at 3438 Genei Avenue near the intersection of S. Outer Drive and Janes. The NEW Public Safety Building was opened in 1996.
The Buena Vista Fire Department was organized in May 1955. Our first pumper was a 1955 Howe 500 GPM pumper. Also at that time a 1952 International truck was [purchased and a 1500 gallon water tank was installed. This equipment was housed in a rented garage next to old Ricker school. In the fall of 1955 we moved into a two bay fire station at 1805 S. Outer Drive. In 1960 a new GMC truck was purchased and a 2000 gallon tank was installed along with a 350 GPM pump. In 1963 a 1000 GPM Howe pumper was purchased and a storage shed was built to house the tanker truck. In 1966 a 100 ft. American-LaFrance aerial ladder and pumper combination was purchased. Also in 1966 four additional bays were added to the fire station and that addition served us until 1997. That building also housed all other Township departments over the years and it currently is the DPW and Water department.
Originally the fire department was chartered with 32 members. Assistant Chief Don Lentner remains as the only active charter member of the department.Howard Thomas was the first Fire Chief. He served until 1962.

At its peak, the Buena Vista Fire Department had 44 Paid-on-call firefighters and 11 full-time staff. Our current compliment is 12 Paid-on-call and seven full-time.

The Fire Department is now housed in the Public Safety building located at 3438 Genei Avenue, near S. Outer and Janes. We have two pumpers, one rescue, one utility van, one pick-up and two staff cars.

Saginaw County Fire Association
Saginaw County Fire Chiefs Association
Michigan State Firemen’s Association
International Association of Arson Investigators – Michigan Chapter

Mission Statement
To protect, comfort and serve, and to do a better job today than we did yesterday.

America’s senior population has done much to shape the future of our country. Groundbreaking advances in technology, health, and changes in societal views have taken place under their watch. Now is the time to invest in the future of America’s seniors. According to the United States Fire Administration (U.S.F.A.):* More than 1200 Americans over the age of 65 die as a result of fire each year.
* More than 3,000 older adults are injured each year in residential fires.
* Seniors between the ages of 65 and 75 have a fire death twice that of the national average.
* Seniors between 75 and 85 years old are three times as likely to die from fire.
* Seniors over 85 years old are four times as likely to die from fire.These staggering figures place adults over the age old 64 in one of the highest fire risk groups in the United States.You may qualify for a free Smoke Alarm if you are 65 years old and live in Buena Vista Township.


Captain Gary Dietrich
Buena Vista Fire Department
(989) 755-4756